RACV Energy Breakthrough

Our Adventure to Maryborough!


19th June – At it again


Tonight the HPV team put the vehicle through its paces trying to dodge witches cones. For every cone hit students had to do 5 push ups. the team should have walked away with sore arms but proved their driving skills to be 1st rate. A great start to our obstacle course race.

How many Mr Bell push ups could you complete?



Tonight the team destroyed, dismantled and cut their way through the shed on their journey to build a brand new cart from the scrap in the shed.

What would you build a pushcart out of from your shed?


12th June 2015 – First Meeting

Hi All,

Welcome to our first meeting for 2015. We made a cracking start to this years event with the HPV team beginning to design this year’s vehicle and stripping down the cart from last year.


The pushcart team already at work on the next cart.SONY DSC SONY DSC


4th August meeting

Tonight was a fantastic success with the HPV team checking off the building requirements for the vehicle and creating a list of faults/ concerns for us to look through at our meeting next week.

Don’t forget to think of a team name by next weeks meeting.

The pushcart team continued looking at the pros and cons of previous vehicles whilst dismantling and buildings carts. Don’t forget to bring along items to build this years cart to next weeks meeting.

SAM_0918 SAM_0919 SAM_0920


Agenda 21st July

Thanks to all who attended last nights meeting (14th July) we made a good start to the program and I look forward to a fantastic year with you all.

Next weeks agenda 21st July meeting will begin at 7.10pm and run for an hour.


– dismantle the HPV so that we can repair, replace or service components

– stock take the consumable items for the event (tyres etc)


– dismantle the last 2 years carts (ladder and ironing board carts) to see how the carts go together

– bring along any items which you think may be good for building this years cart , trolleys, lawn mower handles, metal tubing (to construct the brake, reinforce the cart and axles), a non reusable bike so that we can user the head stem. Look through previous blog posts and the RACV website for ideas


– date for sponsorship walk in Gisborne

– sponsor ship ideas

– team name, logo etc for the teams

– distribution list of phone and email addresses

– media release permission for the event





Testing last years vehicles

Over the holidays students came into school and test drove all of the vehicles we’ve created over the last few years at NGPS. The students had fun in the freezing cold and rain.



Give us a list of pros and cons about the vehicles which you test drove over the holidays. (HPV, Box cart, Ironing board cart, Bin cart and Ladder cart)


July 14th 2014

Agenda 14th July 2014

–          Introduce teams, family back ground etc

–          Contact details (Ray 0414508522 bell.ray.e@edumail.vic.gov.au)

–          expectations

–          Racv web site (http://www.racvenergybreakthrough.net/ ) and mannuals (http://www.racvenergybreakthrough.net/prepare/downloads/ )

–          Photos, blog (http://racvenergybreakthrough.global2.vic.edu.au/ ) and minutes

–          Sponsorship

–          Meetings – Monday 7.00pm-8.00 pm 33 Belleview Drive Sunbury



Term 3

I hope that you all kept training over the holidays and are ready for the new term.

the Pushcart team will continue to meet Friday’s 4.00 – 5.30pm at the Mitchell’s. The first meeting for the term will be 19th July

the HPV team will continue to meet Monday’s 7.15 – 8.30pm at the Moody’s the first meeting for the term will be 22nd July


17th May pushcart meeting

Today we tested all of the carts we had at school from previous years what did you like? dislike? about the carts we tried?

Our next meeting will be held on Friday 7th June 3.30pm at the Mitchell’s. If you need the address see Mr B or Ms P.



Sponsorship and Donations

Hi Teams,

if you receive any donations or sponsorship can you please post a comment so were not doubling up and can share with everyone.


HPV ideas from Wonthaggi

Ms P and Mr B headed down to Wonthaggi from the HPV grand Prix here are some pics we took that can be used as inspiration.

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