RACV Energy Breakthrough

Our Adventure to Maryborough!


Inventing the possum


Hi RACV team,
For anyone that wants to help out on the 23/9/12 from 3pm on for cutting up the ironing board please call J and B mum on her mobile :0430442882.


The possum

Today with the help of our talented students (Coco and Laura) at NGPS we designed our first possum.

Thanks to all those who created a new possum for our cart. Which of these designs do you like?

Secondly what size possum do you think we should use A4 or A3 on the cart and why?




Endurance Training

As we increased our training today, we practised the endurance race and change overs.

What strategies did you need to use for the longer distance? As school holidays approach what could you do over the holidays to practise for this event?

Joshua at home training over the school holidays


5 Star Possums

We’ve decided to build our cart entirely of recycled materials this year. The “Box” , “The Ironing Board” and “The Bin” were also built with recycled materials.

What are the benifits of only using recycled materilas? What are the downfalls to only using recycled materials? Can anyone identify the  recycled materials we’ve used for each part of these carts?

What other sustainable advice do you have for our energy breakthrough adventure ( think about the areas we study at school, energy, waste, water and bio-diversity).




Today we starting to think more about our presentation style. We thought that masks might be interesting. Here are some examples we came up with.

What other ideas do you have for our presentation? What would be the advantages/disadvantages to using masks in our presentation?


12th September – Steering

Today we looked again at different steering.

Akerman Steering on the Orange Trike

and examples of direct steering on the 4 carts at school.



Which example of steering do you think would work best on our cart? Why? Are there any other forms of steering you can find on the internet or build examples of we could use?


11th September – Script Writing

Today we started writing our script. We thinking about an interview by ch467. Do you have any ideas for character names for our play?


10th September

Today we traiuned with the carts again for the 50m sprint and the obstacle course and Mr Bell brought along the Batmobile for us to test a cart which was shorter. Do you think it was easier to steer the Batmobile?

We also spent some time pulling the old carts apart. What did you learn whilst dismantaling the pushcarts?


Training on Monday!

We have another meeting on Monday from 3:30-5:30.

Parents are welcome to come!



Why we decided to call our team the possums:

We decided to call this year’s team the Possums because a possum is our school mascot. Check out our Possum team.


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