RACV Energy Breakthrough

Our Adventure to Maryborough!



Wahoo! for the first time ever NGPS has enterd the Human Powered Vehecile divison of the the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough Challange.

More Information will be up shortly

3 Responses to HPV

  1. Matt C says:

    Hi Mr Bell
    I would be very interested in participating in the RACV Energy breakthrough. I think it would be a great experience in the HPV before I graduate from primary school.

    Thanks Matt C

  2. Elijah says:

    Dear Mr Bell
    I am interested in the RACV Energy Breakthrough HPV team. I am in grade 6 (5/6A) and I think I would be great because I have very strong calf muscles. I was wondering how much time will we be practicing out side school hours a week, at what time and when during the week.
    From Elijah

  3. AJ S says:

    Hey Mr Bell!
    I’d like to join the HPV energy breakthrough team. I am up for the challenge and willing to sacrifice lunchtimes in order to train and whatnot. Staying after school is easily arrange-able and I will be able to attend the actual event. Thanks for your consideration;

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