RACV Energy Breakthrough

Our Adventure to Maryborough!


17th May pushcart meeting

Today we tested all of the carts we had at school from previous years what did you like? dislike? about the carts we tried?

Our next meeting will be held on Friday 7th June 3.30pm at the Mitchell’s. If you need the address see Mr B or Ms P.



Sponsorship and Donations

Hi Teams,

if you receive any donations or sponsorship can you please post a comment so were not doubling up and can share with everyone.


HPV ideas from Wonthaggi

Ms P and Mr B headed down to Wonthaggi from the HPV grand Prix here are some pics we took that can be used as inspiration.


17th May – 2nd Pushcart Meeting

Agenda for the next Pushcart meeting Friday 17th May

  • students needs to read the 2013 RACV Handbook
  • come up with designs and a theme
  • continue your fitness training and keep a record of waht your doing.




9th May – Pushcart Meeting

Today we rode last years cart around the school grounds. What did you think? What would you change on a new cart?


HPV – 9th May – Testing the cut up HPV

After Monday meeting cutting up the HPV today we tested to see if it fits us all to comfortably ride. What did you think of the HPV cut down?


HPV – meeting minutes 6th May







 AGENDA – Meeting #3

When:          Monday May 20th, 7:15 – 8:15pm

Where:        238 Station road, New Gisborne




# Item Person
1 Welcome Mr Bell
2 Minutes   & Actions Mel
3 To   Discussa. What has been changed on the HPV?

b. What parts are needed?

c. Student fitness

d. Exercise Log book

e. Sponsorship/Marketing / Publicity




Mr Bell,   Ms Preaudet

Anne, Ms   Preaudet

Anne, Mel   & Ms Preaudet

5 To doa. Measure current HPV against guidelines

b. Take photos

c. Set timelines

7 Summing   up:a. What is on the action list


8 Future   meeting date & place All




MINUTES – Meeting #2 (May 6th)


Who was there?


Scott and   Sienna Braini Derm and   Emily Moody
Donald,   Tia and Alex Cairney Jim and Bianca   (on behalf of John) Need
Anne and   Matthew Cassidy Jason
Melanie   and Callum Hay Apology:   Mark and Joshua Walker




Key points


  • Students put forward some suggested team names:
    • ‘The Persistent Possums’ – links in with the ‘You Can Do It’ school message
    • ‘The Crusader’s’ – represents a ‘strong group movement’
    • ‘Nitro Possums’ – links in with the school logo
    • ‘New Endeavour’ – first time HPV team from New Gis
  • Blue and Yellow theme strongly supported at this stage
  • Sponsorship ideas – contact energy companies, local noticeboards, sausage sizzle at Bunnings Sunbury, apply for Bendigo bank grant, work with the local newspaper early on to inform local community of NGPS RACV breakthrough entries (to liaise with Mrs Miller – media contact for school)
  • Anne, Mel and Ms Preaudet to represent HPV team at joint NGPS sponsorship meeting
  • Students to keep an ongoing log of their general exercise (to build fitness) and time practicing in the HPV
  • Modifications to vehicle: Pedals brought forward (‘axle’ shortened by 6 inches) chain shortened


When Time Where Who should come
Friday 10th   May 3:20-4:00pm New   Gisborne PS All   students to test HPV
Monday 13th  May  7:15 –   8:15pm 238   Station rd Those   involved in HPV engineering
Tuesday   14th May TBC New   Gisborne PS Anne, Ms   Preaudet and Mel to meet with pushcart team around sponsorship
Monday 20th   May 7:15 –   8:15 pm 238   Station rd Everyone




Action List


Person Job To be completed by Status
  1.   Callum to email Mr Bell the link to the videos he viewed from previous   years to put up on the NGPS Energy   breakthrough blog
  2.   Alex to take photos during our next meeting – Mr Bell to supply camera
  3.   Everyone to think about the connections between energy breakthrough and what   you cover in class eg sustainable energy
  4.   Leave a comment on the blog (click on the link above) about the team   name suggestions, something you’re looking forward to etc


Meeting #3(May 20th)
  1.   Anne – email Ray (bell.ray.e@edumail.vic.gov.au ) an XL exercise   tracking sheet for the students to use.
  2.   Ms Preaudet – Bring along a manila folder for each student to keep   HPV info in
Meeting   #3 (May 20th







Are you training??

The RACV challenge requires endurance training leading up to the event. what are you doing to train? Let the team know about your training. Are you making use of the execrcise bike at school? Ensure you keep a log of your training.


Pushcart – 10th May First meeting

The pushcart team will hold their first meeting at NGPS at 4.00pm on Friday the 10th of May. bring a helmet and sturdy shoes as we will be testing all of the old carts we’ve used at school.


HPV 6th May Meeting

Tonight meeting was a huge success with Jim taking to the cart with a grinder to start the rebuild of the HPV and all of the dads getting their hands dirty remodeling and changing the cart to the awe of

looking students.


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