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17th May pushcart meeting

Today we tested all of the carts we had at school from previous years what did you like? dislike? about the carts we tried?

Our next meeting will be held on Friday 7th June 3.30pm at the Mitchell’s. If you need the address see Mr B or Ms P.


12 Responses to 17th May pushcart meeting

  1. raybell says:

    I like the possum the best because it turns the best , it is the lightest and it is the most comfy able one. I don’t like the box because its turning is really bad and it steering is really bad. I like the bin because its steering is really good but the back rest really hurts. From Indian from pushcart team

  2. Daniel Laurie says:

    the possum is the best but the bin is great as well

  3. Maddie says:

    Hi Mr Bell,
    I liked the possum the best cause of the stirring. The kart that I really didn’t like was the box cause of the stirring and how heavy it was. The bin was fine with the stirring and the seat but the thing that was really bad was that the handle was really tall and my head was just able to reach the top. Darcy and I got the best time of 29 seconds. I really like the possum kart.
    From Maddie

  4. darcy says:

    I think the possum kart because it has better turning then alll the other and can get on it qiueter then all the other old karts. The other karts have badturning teck ways. The best time was from maddie and I. We got a time of 29 seconds not to brag but we where qieut good working together.


  5. Hayley Mitchell 4A says:

    To Mr Bell,

    I really like the box before Daniel and I broke it, because it had really good steering that you hardly went out of control with it. What I didn’t like was the smallness of the box cart because it was really hard to fit on it.

    From Hayley Mitchell 4A

  6. raybell says:

    Was it the bicycle handle bars that made it easy? or the fact you sat over the steering?
    Mr B

  7. raybell says:

    Congrtas on the quick time. What do you mean by better turning?
    Mr B

  8. raybell says:

    what was the difference between the steering of the carts, did they turn wider, were they stiffer, closer, further away? Try and be very specific so we can chose the right steerign for our new cart.
    Mr B

  9. raybell says:

    Why was the possum the best?
    Mr B

  10. raybell says:

    is the weight of the cart an important factor for you when we build a new cart?
    Mr B

  11. george says:

    Hi Mr Bell

    I thought the get smart cart was very heavy compered to the possum and the bin. I thought the possum was very easy to turn, doge and brake. the bin was good but for the person that is pushing it was hard for them because the handles where in a difficult spot.

  12. Maddie says:

    Hi Mr Bell,
    The difference between the stiring was the box had a more stifer stiring then the other. The Possum’s stiring was about how we should have the stiring becasue it was not an instent turn as it was on the box.
    From Maddie

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