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Testing last years vehicles

Over the holidays students came into school and test drove all of the vehicles we’ve created over the last few years at NGPS. The students had fun in the freezing cold and rain.



Give us a list of pros and cons about the vehicles which you test drove over the holidays. (HPV, Box cart, Ironing board cart, Bin cart and Ladder cart)

One Response to Testing last years vehicles

  1. Ella says:

    Hi Mr Bell,

    I think that with the pushcart that the breaks should she a little bit easier to use. Also I have a idea. That idea was to put little pop up fences on the cart because when I ride my legs fall out and slide around a lot. I also thought that with the fence we would cut a whole in the sides so it can pop up and down. I Aldo think having a solid base for the pushcart made it easier and better to ride and push.

    From Ella

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