RACV Energy Breakthrough

Our Adventure to Maryborough!


17th May pushcart meeting

Today we tested all of the carts we had at school from previous years what did you like? dislike? about the carts we tried?

Our next meeting will be held on Friday 7th June 3.30pm at the Mitchell’s. If you need the address see Mr B or Ms P.



17th May – 2nd Pushcart Meeting

Agenda for the next Pushcart meeting Friday 17th May

  • students needs to read the 2013 RACV Handbook
  • come up with designs and a theme
  • continue your fitness training and keep a record of waht your doing.




9th May – Pushcart Meeting

Today we rode last years cart around the school grounds. What did you think? What would you change on a new cart?


Are you training??

The RACV challenge requires endurance training leading up to the event. what are you doing to train? Let the team know about your training. Are you making use of the execrcise bike at school? Ensure you keep a log of your training.


Pushcart – 10th May First meeting

The pushcart team will hold their first meeting at NGPS at 4.00pm on Friday the 10th of May. bring a helmet and sturdy shoes as we will be testing all of the old carts we’ve used at school.


2013 Information Evening

An information evening will be held on Tuesday 19th March at 7.00pm in Mr Bell’s classroom. If you are interested in attending the information session leave a comment so that numbers can be accomadated for in the meeting.

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